''A Work Of Pure Genius'' or ''When Is A Turntable Not A Turntable''

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It's very rare to receive a product at our shop which doesn't fit into a ready-made product group or replaces an already previously available product. It is even more unique that no one in the shop is quite sure what to make of this new product and whether it is indeed the work of genius or madness!


you can probably tell from the title of this blog that we all think this new and unique product is actually amazing and has instantly become one of our favorite products in the store of all time.


So what is this fresh, new and exciting product from YAMAHA?


Well I kind of think of it as the love child of a traditional analog turntable which represents everything great about YAMAHA a Japanese company who work to amazingly high standards of build and finish quality and have been making musical instruments such as this Turntables since before I was born and a whizz-bang all singing and dancing music streamer which is at the cutting edge of technology.

The very long list of features built into this Digital Streamer or DS as we often call them is class leading and the APP which you use on your phone or iPad or Android product to control this streaming is ''Simply The Best'' Yes this turntable has an APP


So what can the streaming section of this hybrid piece of kit play? and as such make available for you in your home via your existing system or Bluetooth headphones or smart speaker or YAMAHA multiroom product? the list is very long and comprehensive and includes everything you could possibly need such as internet radio, Spotify, iTunes via Airplay or Bluetooth, music stored on computers in your home or on the phone / tablet / iPad running the app and even CD quality access to millions of albums available instantly via the new and quality focussed online music subscription services such as Tidal and QOBUZ


this ''TURNTABLE'' can also play studio quality versions of albums, something often described in magazines as the ''Studio Masters'' which contains 4 times as much music as the CD version 


WOW this is truly the Golden Age of music at home! we have never had it so good :0) so come and join the party today at ''The Audio House'' in Sunny Worthing


Basically, if you want to play music at home get one of these wonderful ''Streamtables'' or ''Turneamers''

We just call it the Musiccast Turntable and one can be yours for £500 in Piano Black or Piano White

We have brand new boxed stock available in both colours and a Piano White one on demonstration in our shop for you to look and play with.


And last but not least if having read this Blog you are still not sure what the hell the Musiccast Turntable is and if you need or want one in your life just give us a call on 01903 245577 and we can have a jolly nice chat about this exciting and slightly left-field product which we love... 



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