Exposure 50 Series is Born !

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Behold ! The Mighty 50 Series From Exposure.


50 Series Pre-Amp £2000

50 Series Mono Block Power Amps Per Pair £4550


We have all been very excited about the new Reference Amp from Exposure ever since we spotted the prototypes at "The Bristol Hi-Fi Show" in February and were very lucky to listened to them.

As you can see they share styling with the 30 Series Pre-Amp and Power Amps which is a great start due to the Battleship build quality and timeless simplicity of those existing models but inside is where Exposure have really raised the bar.

Quick Story

Being based in Worthing, West Sussex is great for many reasons and one of those reasons is the fact we are 10 minutes up the road from the Exposure Factory and a couple of weeks ago I popped into the Factory to pick up an order, as I walked into the main assembly area I was greeted by a wonderful sight a very long row of 50 Series Power Amps being built, they had their lids off and "Oh My Gosh" I have never seen such a massive Toroidal Power Supply in my life, no really it was HUGE so rest assured the 50 Series is not a slightly tweaked 30 Series with a couple of nicer components and some silver cable, it is a very different animals and Exposure are making a Statement with these new products.

In a World of diminishing returns I find it uplifting to be able to say the 50 Series products costs twice as much as the 30 Series products but are easily twice the product.

So to summarise if you are looking for the best value amp in the World regardless of retail price you have just found it in our opinion. This is a defining moment in the history of Exposure and our shop.



    • Power Output : 200W into 8 Ohms, 370W into 4 Ohms
    • Input Impedance : 75K Ohms at 1KHz, unbalanced input
    • Frequency Response : -3dB at 52KHz, ref. 1KHz, unbalanced input
    • Total Harmonic Distortion : 1KHz <0.015% at 200W into 8 Ohms, 1KHz <0.005% at 100W into 8 Ohms
    • Signal to Noise ratio : >120dB, A weighted, ref. 200W, 8 Ohms output,   >100dB A weighted, ref 1W, 8 Ohms output
    • Power Consumption : <800VA, 8 Ohms load
    • Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (factory set)
    • Dimensions - H x W x D : 115mm x 440mm x 300mm
    • Nett Weight (unpacked) : 14kg
    • Gross Weight (packed) : 16kg

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