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There is always room in this World of Hi-Fi for "sensible" and "up to the job" when it comes to choosing a power amp to run your speakers at home, most amps on your short list will have enough power to do the job and on paper, the spec looks fine.


But and it's a BIG but.


There are times in our lives when we wonder what would happen if I had an amp which is massively more powerful than I need? With huge amounts of headroom, super stable and happy to run every speaker in the shop or at the Hi-Fi shows including those amp-killing Monsters which need more power than a dwarf star to sound alive.


Also looking at the industry and your music system as a whole I believe it is perfectly reasonable to say the products at the front of the system the "sources" have improved massively over the last 20 years and I include Digital and Vinyl in this statement, it is partially due to improved technology ( both design and manufacturing ) but also having access to 24-bit music via streaming and downloads making this part of the system very exciting and clearly better than it ever has been. Also the evolution of speakers has been very significant and fast-paced and as a result of hundreds of factors such as new materials, CAD and laser technology being available we have enjoyed many generations of improvements which have lifted the quality we expect from all speakers to a sky-high level.


But what about AMPS ?

The often overlooked but essential heart of your system.

The trend for amps in the World of HiFi over the last 20 years hasn't been such a rosy one from what I can see, many manufacturers have not moved forward and many from what I have heard since our return to the shop three years ago have actually gone backwards and the ones who still make a great amp now charge massively more money for what is basically the same amp I had in the shop 20 years ago.


So that is why we have spent the last couple of years constantly looking for a

"NEW REFERENCE AMP" for our shop, it needed to be much more powerful than it needs to be, much better built than it needs to be, must contain expensive over specced components and be capable of running every speaker in the shop or already in the customers home. The sound quality needs that WOW factor and the new amp needs to clearly make all speaker do more whilst sounding like it is doing less! 



This is Where "Ovation High Fidelity" comes into the picture

A small, young and exciting English amp manufacturer who have set out to make the best amp they possibly can and sell them at a price which still represents "Good Value For Money" in line with the cost of the components, the bespoke casework, the hundreds of hours it takes to build and test each item and not an amount based on a brands reputation or how much a customer is willing to pay. It is quite amazing just how much amp you get for your money from this talented company.

Welcome to Ovation.

Our new reference amp is a 

Model 1501 Preamplifier which retails for £3000

and a Model 1721 Power Amp which retails for £6000

Shop and Home demonstrations are always available as we keep this bad boy powered up and ready to rock and roll all day and every day!

Just give us a call on 01903 24557 and we will make it happen.

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