The NEW 600 Series from Bowers & Wilkins ROCKS

Posted by James Edwards on


We picked up all the models in the new range directly from the Factory this week and then spent many hours unboxing, setting up, comparing and generally getting to know the products which make up what we would call the most impressive and also important range to be launched by Bowers & Wilkins in the last 20 years! why do we say this? well, there are many reasons for that statement such as the fact this is the first time 800 D3 technology and materials have been used in a 600 series product which instantly elevates it clearly above any speaker which has worn a 600 series badge in the last 10 generations and 20+ years. Also we at "The Audio House" believe it is more important than ever to show the next generation of music lovers just how amazing an entry level system containing "Old School" components such as a pair of B&W 600 Series speakers can sound and how it will truly transform your relationship with your favorite track, album, artist or band. So much more performance is possible when you set up a "REAL" HiFi system in your home rather than following the heard who are sleepwalking into shops and paying just as much of there hard earned money on a "Lifestyle Solution" and yes these "Smart Speakers" are compact, chuck out lots of sound and hey you can even talk to some of them, which must be a bonus if you don't have any friends or family.


Please take the challenge we are politely throwing down for you, come into our store with 3 songs on CD, memory stick or simply written on a piece of paper and we will show you how brightly they can shine! We also serve a nice cup of coffee :0) 



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