Bowers & WIlkins HTM6 Centre Speaker

  • £399.00

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The new 603, 606, 607 & HTM6 speakers all feature B&W's Continuum cone and elements from the 700 Series and flagship 800 Series Diamond.


Do you need a centre speaker for the new 600 Series?

Or perhaps you need a dialogue / centre speaker for a pair of B&W speakers purchased at any point over the last 20 years?

Or perhaps you want to put three of these bad boys across the front for the perfectly matched soundstage!

Whatever the reason the new HTM6 will tick that box in quite some style.

This is a seriously capable speaker and so important in any Home Cinema set up as up to 75% of a soundtrack is often the centre channel.

This new compact LCR speaker packs as much punch as the older "size of a suitcase" centres we saw in many previous versions of the 600 series.

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