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Auralic ALTAIR G1

A quick message from The Audio House

If you are thinking about buying an ALTAIR G1 please call us on 01903 245577 to discuss if it is the perfect product for you and your system. If it is we would like you to buy it from us because.

A. We fully support AURALIC and Love their products, they are in our opinion the best at their price points by a very large margin.

B. We do not stock a long list of Brands like many shops, we prefer to focus on a core group of brands and products so we can really master them and get the very best from them and their user interfaces which is not the case if you have too many options for the customers and the shop team. Also very important when it comes to supporting you as a customer after you have purchased the ALTAIR G1

C. We are really nice, small and independent Hi-Fi Shop in Worthing and we would really appreciate you buying from us :0)


Introducing AURALiC ALTAIR G1 Wireless Streaming DAC


The new ALTAIR G1 distills AURALiC's proprietary technologies and features in to a high-performance DAC and streamer built to exacting standards within a substantial aluminum case. As an entry point to the AURALiC ecosystem, the ALTAIR G1 offers a comprehensive number of features and functions. Music can be sourced from virtually any source - locally stored files on your network, Internet radio, Airplay™, Bluetooth, USB drive, an optional integrated hard drive or a playlist of favorites from a subscription-based streaming service such as Qobuz or TIDAL. Control is via either the proprietary Lightning DS app, or the manual intuitive control on the front panel with all functions clearly shown on the high-resolution 4" colour display. Completing the ALTAIR G1's extensive feature set: full wireless utility, smart IR control learning, and an advanced digital volume control. 



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