Exposure 2010S2 DSD DAC

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2010S2 DSD DAC

Features multiple stages of regulation for SPDIF input receiver, USB input, clock oscillator, DAC and output stage for accurate output, Exposure are making a statement with this product.

At the heart of this machine is a high quality master clock which is linked directly to the SPDIF input receiver and USB input this ensures low jitter operation.

The output stage is fully discrete and contains filters for optimum performance (no Op-Amp ICs). IC's are the cheap and easy way of doing things and that isn't Exposures approach to all things Hi-Fi !

Just so you know the Digital output can be switched "on" or "off" (and is re-timed) to reduce the jitter level as compared to SPDIF input. This function can also be used to convert USB input to SPDIF output. Once again this shows how Exposure thinks about how and who will be using this product in the real world.

Also DSD (x64 DoP) via the USB2 input.

A remote control is included ( but no batteries ! )

Three year guarantee for your peace of mind :0)

Lastly this along with all the 20 series products is available in black or titanium.

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