Thorens Record Stabilizer

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Thorens Record Stabilizer

Thorens are a high quality manufacturer of entry-level to premium end turntables, based in Switzerland. Thorens as company are well established, with a history dating back as far 1883 with audiophile-grade turntables being added to their list of well-crafted products in the 1950s and the 1960s, models from which are still highly sought after and regarded as some of the best turntables of their time.

Thorens' Stabiliser has been designed to absorb and reduce unwanted vibrations and resonances within the vinyl. It is able to achieve this thanks to its unique and innovative construction. The Stabilizer features a precision balanced and resonance dampened set of polished weights. These weights apply pressure to the vinyl in order to hold the recording more firmly to the platter, while also reducing minor warps within the vinyl that may be present.

This Stabilizer works with felt and rubber platter mats, and promises to improve the sonic integrity of any turntable. It also comes in a neat wooden box for elegant storage.


Construction = 8 x Balanced Weights

Dimensions in mm (D x H) 69 x 28

Weight 0.55 kg


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