About Us

A Quick Introduction


The Audio House is a equal partnership between two very different but wonderfully compatible Professionals - Gerry Heeley & James Edwards.

Having spent roughly 50 years in the industry between them in many different places and roles they have accumulated skills and expertise in many areas of the industry such as Hi-Fi, Pro Audio, Smart House Design, Multi-room Audio, Musical Instruments, Home Studios, Data Networks, Project Management and Both Account and Territory Development working with Premium Audio Brands.

In essence if it relates to Audio or your House "The Audio House" can help.


Focus on Gerry
He is the in-house artist, scientist and all round music lover.

A man who walks the walk and is truly qualified to talk the talk.

He has a wonderfully deep understanding of Pro Audio and musical instruments and is also an amazingly talented guitarist.


Focus on James
James's journey in 3 easy steps.

10 Years working as a Publican across the South of England.

10 Years working as the manager of a Specialist Hi-Fi Retailer.

10 Years working as the South of England account manager for a Premium Audio Brand.

The next 10 years is all about You and "The Audio House"