Fender Telecaster Plus 1992 Firestorm

  • £1,595.00

WOW !!   ( Call us to discuss this guitar  - we have more pictures etc)

This is a VERY RARE & totally genuine "Tele Plus" Built 1992 in the incredible FIRESTORM finish.

The Tele plus Version 1 was produced between 1989-1995 and of course a notable user is Jonny Greenwood of RadioHead.  However, the rare and beautiful Firestorm finish was only produced for 1991-2.  Probably due to difficulty and cost of this finish.  Apparently fender custom shop will charge $4000 as an option now.

The "plus' has fender lace sensor pickups - a 'blue' in neck position and a 'red dually' in the bridge. In addition to the standard 3 way tele switch there is a 3 position mini toggle that allows either of the red coils - or both for maximum output.  This  gives a massive range of tones ( with very low noise). You can get from a traditional 'twang' through bluesy neck - to all out rock monster.  An incredibly versatile guitar. 

This one comes with original fender had case and we have stripped the guitar to verify it's authenticity ( there were a number of fakes a few years ago). It's 100% genuine and as such will be a rare and appreciating asset.

Condition is very good but as one may expect with a 26yr old guitar ( that's been played) it has one or two marks.  Notably the rear lower edge has a small knock and repair by previous owner. We've not attempted to improve it - as it's clearly not noticeable from the front of the guitar. See pic.   There's also a similar but smaller mark on the rear upper bout. Some very fine buckle rash  but nothing worrying. The front ( or top) is unmarked.  Neck and fret are good - slight ware on frets 1-4 but nothing that affects playability  - it can be set up with a very low action.

This is a genuine guitar and really does it's own thing sonically  - it's a delight to play and not particularly heavy ( as some of the plus's are). 

A great guitar to play , own and look after as it will keep going up in value.  

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