SALE -Gibson SG 60's tribute P90 2011 model

  • £550.00

Only 1 left!

JAN SALE - Save £100 ( Was £650)

Lovely pre owned 60's tribute SG.

This is a 2011 model which crucially means it has a slimmer early 60's profile neck. Unlike the later 'cricket bat' necks.  This means the guitar is nicely balanced and doesn't feel neck heavy like some. The P90's give a very flexible set of sounds. It can still rock with the best of them ...but there are some 'almost tele' sounds in there to. 

Condition is very good - there is a very slight indentation on the front upper bout - it hasn't broken the finish and is barely noticeable....only visible in certain lights.

everything else is tip top and it comes with a the original gibson gig bag



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