Linn Majik DS + 4 TB QNAP Nas Drive RRP £2600

  • £1,400.00

Only 1 left!




Awesome opportunity to purchase one of the legendary DS products from the highly respected "Scottish Company" at retail less 30% plus if that saving wasn't enough and it is! we also have the customers QNAP NAS Drive which contains 2 X 2TB Drives in a mirrored configuration, which gives you the ability to store at least three thousand albums in completely uncompressed lossless formats such as WAV, FLAC or ALAC. This drive also has "TWONKY" embedded into it so your Streamer / App can see your music collection and being a "primary" and a "clone" drive in one box the likelihood of you loosing your ripped music library are greatly reduced. Please note this unit fitted with these drives retails for around £500 and will be included as a free bonus item making this a "simply better" way to stream music into your system.


Also please note the Linn is in excellent condition with a clean remote control and original plastic screen protector still in place! basically, the unit has gone from its box onto the rack and now to the shop via a short ride on the front seat of the car wrapped in a blanket :0)


This unit is the current and up to date MK2 version which has the larger / taller isolation feet and one color faceplate as seen in the pictures.


This unit is also running the latest software/firmware so is fully compatible with every new feature that has been made available to the DS family over the last 10 years! ( ROON + SPACE + INTERNET RADIO + KAZOO etcetera ) and will be able to take advantage of upgrades in the future as they become available.


So what are you waiting for give us a call at the shop on 01903 245577 or make a beeline straight to our demonstration room, you will not be disappointed. 


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