Musica Celeste Coach Built Speakers

  • £2,500.00

Will be in stock after

Musica Celeste 3.5 Floorstanding Speakers RRP £10'000

Second Hand £2500 ( less than the value of the drivers alone )


Made in Germany


These Amazing sounding speakers contain super high-quality ACCUTON drivers from Thiel & Partner.

OK, this might not mean much to you now but it will do when I tell you each driver costs around £350 at trade and as you can see from the pictures I have taken in the shop this pair has 8 of them! making the cost of the drivers alone £2800


Plus super solid Cherry Wood cabinets which are built like a tank and in the base of the speakers is a transformer-based choke regulated crossover network which was designed and built with a cost no object philosophy.


So are these drivers really a bit special?

click on the manufacturer's website link below

Thiel & Partners

What sort of speakers use the drivers ??? Very expensive ones...

Tidal Speakers

If you would like to buy just the drivers or check the very high value of them they are available in the UK from FALCON Acoustics

Falcon Acoustics


This pair is fully tested and available for demonstration in our shop simply call James on 01903 245577 to book a date and time


This pair is supplied with a 14-day money back guarantee and a 30-day peace of mind Warranty.  



Yes, there are quite a few marks on the cabinets which is less than ideal but acoustically and mechanically they are in full working order and sound shockingly good. 


The last and most important detail regards this pair is the fact we are only asking £2500 for the pair, yes that is less than the cost of just the drivers, let alone the whole speaker.




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