Q Acoustics Concept 500 Speakers

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One of the Greatest Speakers in the World!

The Concept 500 stands just over 1metre tall, the cabinet is 200mm wide and 400mm deep making them look elegant and modern.

The choice between the piano black with dark wood and the piano white with natural light wood also helps you match every decor & style ensuring every home can have wonderful music.

Q Acoustics have improved everything to make this a world-class speaker

They chose to use an Italian real-wood veneer because of the quality and consistency of the grain and colour.

The crossover received great care and attention, this is so important as it is a part of the speaker most people never get to see and it receives very little attention or direct scrutiny during an audition as it hidden inside the speaker, but rest assured the components in this crossover are very high-quality and as such introduce virtually zero distortion or noise to the music.

The designers added P2P bracing to the cabinet which strengthens targeted areas of the cabinet stopping you hearing "the box"

Actually, it is 3 cabinets floating inside each other like Russian dolls attached and separated by an always liquid gel core which has the amazing ability to turn vibration into heat, once again lowering the noise floor of the speaker.

Next, Q Acoustics added HPE units inside the speakers, these are Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser! they remove the pressure irregularities other tall speakers suffer from.

The treble unit used to produce the very delicate high frequencies is also mechanically decoupled from the already quiet cabinets and stops energy passing between them in either direction.

The big bass drivers used on the Concept 500 contain "oversized" voice coils increasing their power handling and removing the compression we all dislike.

One other detail we like to draw peoples attention to is the fact that even the plinth which is attractive and practical has had most of its straight edges and flat areas removed from its design to discourage acoustic reflections, yes it is clear Q Acoustics have gone that extra mile and then some to produce this "Reference Speaker"


 This is the manufacturer's statement about the Concept 500

"Q Acoustics have been working hard since 2006 to build a respected reputation for the design and manufacturing quality of their loudspeakers, all the steps forward we have taken, the refinements we have introduced, the way we have evolved the design and manufacturing of our products now allows us to release our vision of Sonic Perfection."

For an even more detailed overview please use the link below to view the 

Concept 500 White Paper

Links for the opinions of well-respected publications are below.

HiFi Choice wrote
This is an outstanding speaker that shows an all-round depth of talent that would be impressive even if the price were considerably higher. Its ability to remain transparent so that you can simply get on with enjoying the music is something that Q Acoustics can be very proud of, as it redefines expectations at the price. It’s comparatively unfussy about its environment or the electronics that integrate with it as part of a system and should be top of any shortlist if you’re looking to spend £4k on a floorstander. Read the full review here


HiFi News wrote

The sum-up is pretty simple: the Concept 500s are nothing short of sensational value for money, and capable not only of revealing exactly what your system is doing, but also embarrassing some pricier rivals. Beautifully finished and with a rich, yet tightly defined sound, they respond well to care with positioning and being driven by highly accomplished electronics. Get that right, and they’re an absolute bargain. Read the full review here


GRAMPHONE awarded the Concept 500 "Product of the Month"

"An ambitious floorstanding speaker sets new standards at the price, thanks to clever design and meticulous tuning." Read the full review here


Trusted Reviews wrote in May 2018

"For the money, there are no better floorstanding speakers you can buy. In fact, you’d have to spend thousands more for any improvement"

Read the full review here


What HiFi concluded their review by saying 

We think these are among the most impressive high-end speakers we’ve heard in recent years.

If they had been made by an established high-end brand rather than one trying to crash the party, we suspect the price would have been thousands higher. Recommended? You bet. Read the full review here


5 Stars from the EAR Magazine!

this is a very nicely designed and executed loudspeaker. It’s not small but it’s simple lozenge shape and one third veneered finish courtesy of designer Keiron Dunk means that it doesn’t impose too much. And the shiny base is a lot prettier than your average speaker stand. So all in all this is an exceptional loudspeaker regardless of price, don’t let the fact that it’s relatively affordable give the impression that this is another also-ran product. I don’t often get products that I desperately want to keep hold of but this is one of them. Read the full review here


AV Forums awarded the Concept 500 Reference Status!

"I am awarding a Reference Status badge.

Why? Partly because the amount of money that is necessary to decisively better the Concept 500 is considerable. The next most affordable speaker to be more impressive in this test space is the Focal Sopra No2 which as of June 2017 costs in the region of £10,000. As such, the Concept 500 sets an incredible benchmark at £4,000." Read the full review here


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