SONY FA777ES Statement Integrated Amplifier

  • £900.00

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Sony FA777ES Integrated Amplifier


This Secondhand Unit is a wonderful example of just what a very large international company the size of SONY can do when they put their mind to it !


This model is acknowledged as the last ''money no object'' amp produced by this powerful Japanese company and is highly respected and sought after.


it contains custom-wound exotic audiophile grade transformers and all components were the best available and I am confident to say this was a loss leader product to support the launch of the SACD disc format and was basically SONY flexing its muscles when they needed an Amp which matched their new 777ES SACD Player, once again I will point out that even at the £3000 suggested retail price for this amp SONY was just covering the cost of the parts and labor necessary to build this world-class tank of an Amp and if sold today by a manufacturer expecting to make a profit rather than SONY wanting to take over the music industry with SACD it would cost north of 15K


So down to the nitty-gritty regards this actual unit we have in the shop


It isn't cosmetically perfect but is operating perfectly


you may see this as a blessing as the normal collector's price for one of these amps is £1500 + but the small marks have made me settle upon a much more aggressive and significantly lower £900 yes that is a lot of money for a second-hand amp normally but that is not the case with this one! at £900 it is a bargain of biblical proportions, particularly as this unit comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.


We would be delighted to demonstrate this amp to you in our Worthing store and when you see and feel the quality of this fine unit in the flesh, you will be in no doubt regards it's Reference Status


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