Thorens TD-190 MK2 Fully Automatic Turntable

  • £449.00

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This Record player will start at the touch of a button and it will also put the tonearm back on the armrest at the end of the record, absolutely ideal for people who do not have a super steady hand or like a couple of glasses of wine with their tunes ! Don't forget it also stops the needle getting worn out at the end of the record if you are asleep or forget to lift up the arm.

So the million dollar question? does this sound as good as a fully manual turntable for the same retail price ? well no it doesn't but that is not the point, I have customers who love this deck because it is approachable, easy and fun, everything is automatic making it super easy to use. Basically this German made fully automatic turntable is like my Dads German made fully automatic car, it has four doors and seats 5 not 2, has air-con, cruise control and super comfy leather seats. No it's not as fast or responsive as a Lotus Elise which costs around the same if not less than my Dads rocked powered armchair but my Dad doesn't give a hoot about performance at the expense of usability or approach ability.

Great Performance for the whole family, even the ones new to the joys of vinyl just about sums it up :0)

Having said all that the TD190 MK2 is not a entry level product and we are always happy to demonstrate it to everyone who visits our store, it is in fact the big brother of the TD 170-1. The plinth and platter have more mass than TD170-1 model which in combination with the electronically controlled DC motor enhances the silent running as well as the sound. It therefore doesn’t matter if you prefer the delicate sound of a violin or rather some powerful guitar riffs the TD190 will deliver.

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